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Being a motoring journalist has always been the dream job for me. I’ve never considered doing anything else, I’ve never been interested in doing anything else. I’ve pretty much based my degree and most of what I do in my spare time around getting a job as a motoring journalist, so I’m hoping it’ll pay off.   


I am currently a final year magazine journalism student at Sunderland University. A hefty chunk of my degree is based around a motoring magazine I am currently writing, designing and editing called Ignition. It’s to be printed in May but only as a one off, yet if it catches the eye of the right people you could be seeing  a few more issues, its happened before.

cover3.jpgIgnition blog is here to stand alongside the print version, yet is also an immediate outlet for some of my writing and will act almost like an online portfolio. Obviously I’d like the site to be updated as often as possible but trying to balance  being in full-time education, with a part-time job and managing the site will be testing.   

After months spent researching the current market and deciding where my magazine would fit in, here are the basics as to what Ignition Magazine is all about.

  • Fortnightly publication
  • Priced at £2.95
  • Targeted towards the young adult professional aged 18-34
  • Motoring news, views and reviews from a fresh perspective
  • Guest columnists, product pages and road tests 
  • Image heavy feature articles 

Hopefully the articles you find on Ignition won’t be like the ones you find on other motoring sites, I’ve planned out some of the articles and features that are to go into the print version, they too will be uploaded. Yet if you have any burning ideas for an article and you’d like to see it online don’t hesitate to send them over, contributions are more than welcome.

Yet in the meantime, hit that follow button and subscribe to all that is happening on Ignition.


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