Least reliable car manufacturers

There are a lot of factors to take into consideration when buying a new car. Things like vehicle cost, practicality and style are predominately at the forefront of people’s mind when searching. But having a car that won’t let you down is almost invaluable and vehicle reliability is often overlooked by many. Ignitionblog takes a look at the five worst offenders and gives you the heads up on what to look out for. It may just make you think twice about renewing the AA breakdown cover you never used.

Land Rover

Despite the rugged and hard-wearing exterior, British marque Land Rover has a reputation for being plagued with electrical and mechanical faults. Recent research revealed the average cost of repairing a Land Rover was around £437. People who buy the British 4x4s tend to fully exploit the off road potential and towing capabilities, which could explain the increased number of faults associated with them. Common problems include faulty starter motors, alternator and issues with the suspension.

Alfa Romeo

It may produce some of the most beautiful cars on sale but Italian manufacturer Alfa Romeo has a long and arduous relationship with reliability. Recently, the problem has become so bad the brand has had discussions about moving production out its Italian plant. Within the last few years the biggest issue surrounding Alfa’s has been braking system failure – the manufacturer has issued recalls for such a problem on five of its models. If the Alfa’s good looks are too much to turn down, we’d recommend having the AA on speed dial.


The SUV sector is among the most competitive market and American marque Jeep is yet to stamp its authority in the UK. Its poor reliability history doesn’t help either and with the few that are sold in the UK, big problems often occur. The average repair cost for a Jeep is just over £430 with the manufacturer issuing recalls for problems such as inadvertent airbag deployment, brake failure, fire risk and suspension issues.


For most, German engineering is synonymous with two things, performance and reliability. That’s why Porsche appearing in this list may raise a few eyebrows. Because Porsche specialises in high-performance cars owners will take full advantage of the performance on offer, meaning the engine and mechanical components will be working harder for longer. Main issues involve faulty engine seals and fire risks. Only earlier this year Porsche recalled every single GT3 worldwide as two models in Switzerland and Italy unexpectedly burst into flames. Production of the car was also stopped while engineers tried to solve the issue. Alongside the reliability issues Porsche’s also suffer from huge repair bills, at an average of £616 each time a visit to the mechanic is required.


Value for money is the appeal of small Korean carmaker Ssangyong. There’s no doubting the amount of car you get for your money but the quality leaves something to be desired. Interior trim is cheap and prone to coming lose, while being a relatively new manufacturer means there’s a few mechanical teething problems. Although Ssangyong offers a five-year unlimited mile warranty, when that runs out you’ll be paying almost £400 on average for each repair. So while they’re cheap to buy, running them requires deeper pockets.



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